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Three Mile Isle Brings National Trend to Erie

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The peninsula is a popular place to work out, and this weekend Discover Presque Isle challenged fitness fanatics with an all new attraction.

A few years back, sand wrestling was the newest thing to hit DPI, but this year people are wrestling with the sand, to defeat the "Three Mile Isle".

"She begged me to come and challenged me, actually, to do this with her," said competitor John Carrig of his daughter Megan. The two were new to this style of race.

Whether it was peer pressure or the thrill of pushing your physical limits, 370 people dared to get dirty on the three mile beach obstacle course.

"I'm kind if nervous about the whole thing but... the obstacles I'm a little nervous about just because we don't know what they are," said Megan.

"They're all gonna be a challenge to me," said John, "I just hope I can get over them, get through them."

"I know there's 11 obstacles but I don't know anything about them so it's kind of scary," said fellow competitor Kim Vogt.

The grueling race is new to Presque Isle, but it follows a national trend.

"They're always looking at what ways can we try to incorporate new and better things, and obviously the Tough Mudders, these Warrior Dashes are really big across the country," said Harry Leslie, Park Operations Manager at Presque Isle.

While some people at Discover Presque Isle were fishing, runners were fighting for every inch, battling the enemies of sweat, sore muscles, and exhaustion.

And while some skipped stones, they scaled sand piles and skidded back down.

A lot of the obstacles were man made, but by combining them with the parks natural resources, competitors discovered more about Presque Isle than they bargained for.

"We wanted to make sure with all the obstacles that we tried to blend it into the natural environment of Preque Isle, but not just the beach environment," said Leslie. "We also wanted to have people experience the emergent wetland."

  He explained further, "It gives them the full flavor... and I do mean that full flavor, I'm sure by the time that they're done and they have some of the swamp that's all through them they'll know that Presque Isle is more than beaches."

After a final soaking, runners crossed the finish line.

"It was tough and afterwards I think it was everything I thought it would be," competitor Jessica McChesney said at the finish. "The obstacles were fun, challenging, and it did take teamwork."

The best outcome of the race was the new appreciation for the park that many discovered along the way.

"It's one of the greatest attributes our community has and I want to support it," said runner Michael Vogt.

For some people three miles just isn't enough. If you want more, there's still time to sign up for the Barber Beast on the Bay, which is at Presque Isle on September 7th. 

Click here to register.

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