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Two Amish Teens Shot in Ashtabula

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        The Ashtabula County Sheriff's Department is investigating the shooting of two Amish teenagers.  It happened Saturday night about 11pm on Huntley Road in Ashtabula.  An Amish transport van, carrying the 17 and 18 year old victims plus 8 other passengers and the driver, was on the property of 61 year old Kenneth Jameson.  They were there to get a radio from the barn.  Jameson and his son, 30 year old Michael Jameson, tole police they thought the van was trespassing on their property.  Police say the two men fired multiple rounds from a handgun and a shotgun at the van.  The two victims were treated in an Intensive Care Unit at a Cleveland hospital, and are expected to survive.  Kenneth and Michael Jameson were arrested and charged with felonious assault.  Bond is set at $250,000. cash.



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