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Under the Hat: That Sinking Feeling

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There is a certain morbid fascination that we all seem to have with sinkholes.

Perhaps it's rooted in our sense of good and evil; the idea that at any time the earth can open up and send us to the fires below.

Perhaps it is a reminder of the temporary nature of things; how you can be walking down the sidewalk minding your own business and suddenly you've disappeared, here one minute, gone the next.

Or maybe I'm just overthinking the whole thing. Maybe we just like to look at weird stuff.

Whatever the reason there is no getting around the most popular video of the week.

Workers in one Louisiana parish were videotaping water currents in a known sinkhole area when suddenly an entire row of trees started heading south.

 In just a matter of moments trees that had for years stood forty or fifty feet in the air were gone; the video evidence the only remaining proof that they had ever stood on the earth at all.

The video appeared on our air and later on at least two of the nightly national newscasts. As you can imagine, it's an Internet sensation as well..

None of this means we have to be timid in taking our next step down the street. Sinkholes do happen in our area but are pretty rare.

The worst one was years back when a sinkhole swallowed part of Interstate 90 in northeast Ohio, sending all of the traffic into tiny Conneaut for several months.

So don't worry about that sinking feeling you're having. Odds are, it's something else at work.

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