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Security to Be High For Erie's Tall Ships Festival

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Tens of thousands of people are expected to turn out for this week's Tall Ships Festival.
It's a major event, which means security both on and off the water, will be high.

As we've been reporting, it's estimated that over 4 days, 60,000 people will come to Erie's waterfront to check out the 10 tall ships that'll be on display.

Security plans have been in the works for an entire year.

The Tall Ships Festival sails into Erie on Thursday, and the US Coast Guard, along with several other state, local, and federal police agencies will be beefing up security.
Because of its historic nature, it's a marine event of national security, which means the Coast Guard expects big crowds and will do their part to make sure people are safe out on the water, and along the waterfront as well.

10 tall ships, including Erie's Brig Niagara, will take part in  the 4-day Tall Ships Festival.
They'll be docked at Dobbin's Landing, near the Convention Center and the Maritime Museum, and the Coast Guard will be maintaining tight surveillance on those tall ships.
There will be a 100-yard safety and security zone set up around the ships.

"Members of the Coast Guard along with our other partner agencies on the water: The Customs Office of Air & Marine, Pennsylvania State Police, Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission, and a Coast Guard ship from Cleveland. We'll be in the area of Dobbin's Landing, Bayfront Convention Center, the Maritime Museum just regulating the boating traffic in the area of the Tall Ships while they're moored up," said Erie's Coast Guard Chief Stephen Pickard.

While the Coast Guard keeps an eye on the water, police on land will be monitoring the crowds.
They reserve the right to check any purses/bags and there's a long list of restricted items.
Erie's Bomb Squad will also be on hand.


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