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International TV Crew Visits WICU/WSEE

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This week Lilly Broadcasting welcomes some international guests to our station.

A crew from TV 9 in the Republic of Georgia is here, touring our station and our city.

Our station, and our city, are a little different than back home for our guests.

"Everything is very different even some such mundane things as traveling down the road like driving down the road and observing traffic rules," said TV 9 photographer Soso Chachandze.

With the help of the International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), two photographers, one anchor, and one general manager are touring our station, learning about the technology and processes we use here to bring you the news.

"How the stories develop and how you do the stories is pretty much similar," said TV 9 anchor Shorena Surmanidze. "You have more diverse sources, you have more resources, and as I see you don't have any problems in getting information. We sometimes encounter some problems with getting information from the state department."

"Most of the equipment actually (I) saw it for the first time in (my)life," said Chachandze after our Chief Engineer showed the group around the control room.

With limited staff, all employees work double duty as sales reps for the station. It's another big focus of their time here.

"We don't have management meetings back in our TV station and this is something that I would like to take back and introduce this to my TV station," said TV 9 General Manager Maia Ivelashvili.

Ivelashvili said she's learned a lot from our General Manager Pam Forsyth about how to manage staff and bring in money.

They've already put their own spin on our "Wine on the Lake" fundraiser, with a festival of their own. It was a huge success.

"Over 500 people attended the festival," said Ivelashvili, "and we were able to successfully sell the commercials and the advertising time."

The trip isn't all work though. The group has had some fun, too, visiting Niagara Falls and cruising on the Victorian Princess.

They're not only bringing what they learned back to their station, but to their hometown, as well.

"This will also be mutually beneficial as for our TV station, and also for the local community as well," said Ivelashvili.

You may remember a crew from our station visited TV 9 in Georgia this past Winter, and in a few months we'll continue the exchange, as another crew travels overseas to TV 9.

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