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Under the Hat: The Price of Power

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The news was electric this week, literally; some of it good, some of it had us searching for the flashlights.

I'm speaking of course of that major power outage that rolled through the area. The culprit is believed to be a late summer heat wave that overloaded a transmission line between these parts and Cleveland.

That led First Energy into the decision to take the pressure off shutting some areas down for a few hours at a time.

Coming on the night the President was to address the nation on Syria, it's funny how quickly people started wondering if the outages were some kind of terror attack.

But with the exception of me stubbing my big toe on the coffee table trying to find a candle the discomfort was short lived.

Of hopefully longer duration is a plan to embed a big power line on the floor of Lake Erie. It's an idea from a company called Lake Erie Power.

The concept is to be able to take cheap Canadian power and feed the more expensive American market.

The hope is that the price of power would go down in our area as a result.

One obstacle is that the project would cost a billion dollars. Yes, that's with a "B."

Another is that it takes a whole lot of permits from a whole lot of places before you can run a line through a Great Lake.

But these guys are serious and well-funded and have the blessing of a few people here who should know a literal pipe dream when they see one.

Could a new source of power help prevent the outages we had this week?

I sure hope so.

And so does my big toe.

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