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Under the Hat: Exercise in Futility

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I think it's fair to say that most Americans are glad that the 16-day partial shutdown of the American government is over.

It's nothing short of ironic that a maneuver born in an effort to draw attention to the country's growing debt cost taxpayers 24 billion dollars.

At least we got something for those big bucks.

We got substantial talks on further reducing the debt. Oh wait, that didn't happen.

Well, at least we saved some money by furloughing 800,000 non-essential employees for a few weeks.

No, they are getting back pay.  In fact, one report claimed that you couldn't find a tee time around Washington this past month.

Well, then there's the long term agreement on the debt ceiling; long term in this case meaning, uh..three months.

By any measuring stick the past few weeks have been an exercise in futility in Washington.

Like the Cuban missile crisis, two sides stare at each other, neither willing to push the button but neither wanting to blink first either.

It's like the classic movie scene of two men fighting in a raft that's moving swiftly toward the top of the waterfall.  Just the act of fighting it out and not working together is a lose-lose situation.

If our 24 billion dollars bought anything it might be a realization among more of our leaders that the tactic of holding the government hostage helps little and burns many.

The approval rating of Congress is in single digits. Our WSEE.TV web poll shows 80 percent of voters say they will remember the shutdown come election time.

There must be a better way to discuss America's debt crisis, because frankly, we simply can't afford this one.

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