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Unwanted Medication Collection

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UPMC Hamot is collecting unwanted prescription and over-the-counter prescription medication on Friday, from 10am to 2pm.

The collection will be in the lobby UPMC's Women's hospital, at 118 East 2nd Street. It's UPMC's head start to National Drug "Take Back" Day, which is officially on Saturday. 

Just remember to conceal your personal information on the bottle labels. 

Proper medication disposal keeps soluble drugs from seeping through the ground in landfills and contaminating the soil or our water. 

Keeping leftover prescriptions in the medicine cabinet is not recommended, especially if there are teens in the house. According to the U.S. Office of Diversion Control, prescription drug abuse is on the rise, and many young people get those drugs right from the medicine cabinet. 

" "When you leave your drugs in a cabinet, friends and family who come over to your house can actually go through your cabinets and they can take things," said Kim Burns, an Associate Professor of Pharmacy at LECOM. "It's also a source for kids these days. They take the drugs and then they take them to parties and then they share them with others," Burns said.

LECOM is participating in National Drug Take Back day by sending teams all over Erie County to collect medication on Saturday. Those locations include: Erie City Hall, Millcreek Township Building, Harborcreek Township Building, Highmark Direct Store, as well as the PA State Police stations in Erie, Corry, and Girard.

Erie County recently installed Med Return boxes to make every day a "drug take back" day.  These bright green boxes are in the Erie County Courthouse, and in the Girard, Corry, Edinboro, Lawrence Park, North East, and Wesleyville police departments. 

Among the list of accepted items: 
- Prescriptions
- Medications / patches (cough syrup, ibuprofen, etc.) 
- Ointments / samples
- Vitamins / pet meds

Not accepted: 
- Needles, lancets, syringes
- Thermometers/ aerosol cans
- Inhalers / insulin / Epi Pens 
- Bloody or infectious waste
- Beauty products


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