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Did Straight Party Push Impact Erie Races?

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Some candidates who lost their races last night may be blaming it on the straight party vote. Democrats have a 36 thousand voter registration edge in Erie County.  That edge puts Republicans at a serious disadvantage, when Democrats push the straight party vote button.  It may have doomed the chances of some candidates.

Those working on Republican John Evan's City Council race believe that's why he lost. "I think John fell victim to the straight party voting habits that have really been trending more and more in the city and it's actually starting to bleed into Millcreek now," said former Erie County Republican party chairman Brad Moore.  Moore worked on the Evans campaign and said the candidate could not have done any more than he did in the race. 

Clerk of Elections Doug Smith said of the straight party votes which were just over 11 thousand about 62% of those were Democratic straight votes and 37% Republican.

We did some digging and we learned that Pennsylvania is one of just 15 states that still allow straight party voting.  A number of states have abolished the practice just in the last few years.  Moore believes many vote the straight ticket because they are philosophically aligned with their party.  But he says they may not know enough about the candidates and voting with their party affiliation is the easy path.

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