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Helping Injured Rare White Hawk

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Volunteers at Crawford County's Tamarack Wildlife Center are now helping a rare patient, a white, red-tailed hawk. They are hoping to nurse the bird back to health so she can return to the wild.

 Volunteers say the female bird is either partially albino or leucistic.  She is nearly all white but with some color in the tail feathers.

 The bird was hurt when she became pinned in a leg hold trap. One talon had to be surgically removed. Some of the other talons and toes were also injured. Volunteers are now spending long hours treating those injuries.

 Carol Holmgren of the Tamarack Center said, "We all really are hoping she'll be releasable. So that is where our prayers are focused."

 In addition to being rare, white hawks also hold special meaning to many Native Americans.

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