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Jim Kelly Teams Up with Port Erie Plastics

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NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly of the Buffalo Bills was in Harborcreek today to announce a deal with a local company. Port Erie Plastics will use high tech printing to make a product Kelly came up with, My Fan Clip. It is basically a binder clip with a sports logo attached.

Kelly has lined with deals with major stores and on-line companies to sell the item. And  he thinks the Harborcreek company is the perfect place to produce it.

 The clip was first produced in China, but Kelly wasn't happy with the quality. He said that won't be a problem any longer.

 He said, "For us we are teaming up with quality people."

Port Erie has purchased new high tech digital printers to make the clips. And the company has already lined up significant contracts.

 Port Erie Plastics CEO William Witkowski said, "We're probably getting orders for somewhere near 1-2 million."

 The deal has meant a half dozen new jobs at the company, with the potential for more in the future.

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