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Vape Forest Publishes Review On The Latest Ascent Vaporizer For Dry Mixes and Oils

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Vape Forest has created a new review of the Ascent Vaporizer which promises the new product is one of the best ever created for inhaling vaporized dry blends and oils.

Georges Mills, NH, United States of America – December 12, 2013 /MarketersMedia/ —

Vaping is the use of an electronic inhaler meant to simulate and substitute smoking, utilizing an efficient heating element to vaporize a liquid solution or dry blend to deliver flavors or chemicals such as tobacco. Vape Forest is an online community built around high quality user generated reviews of popular vaporizing products, which have evolved beyond the simple e-cigarette to more robust and varied devices. Their latest publication is a review of the Ascent Vaporizer in a multimedia breakdown of the product.

The Ascent vaporizers use an all glass vapor pathway, and are the first glass on glass vaping device made available for the general public, meaning no vapor is lost or absorbed during use. The review explains that vapor density and flavor preservation is at the highest of any product on the market.

The review also breaks down the feature set of the device and what is included in the purchase, together with information on the technical specs, warranty, and available accessories. The review also comes with high quality original video content summarizing the findings as well as demonstrating how to use the product.

The review also has a top line summary and overall rating out of five, with three sub-ratings out of five so users can quickly establish how the device performs on the aspects most important to them.

A spokesperson for Vape Forest explained, “This new product has a vaporizing chamber 30% larger than the classic DaVinci vaporizer that represents the product’s predecessor. In addition, it can use oil cartridges to vaporize liquids- something not seen in previous vaporizers but increasingly valued as a result of the e-cigarette trend. These additions make this the most exciting portable vaporizer on the market right now and certainly one of the best ever produced. We at Vape Forest regularly review such items and always endeavor to give honest feedback so that others in our community can trust our endorsements.”

About Vape Forest:
Vape Forest launched their review repository in January of 2013. The personal reviews published are the foundation upon which visitors also have the ability to contribute their own insights. They believe that products must be analyzed from every possible angle and thus host reviews from multiple authors, even on the same product. The site is designed as a community resource built by vaping connoisseurs.

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Contact Info:
Name: Lawrence Johnson
Organization: Vape Forest


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