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Healthy Home Harvest Kit Launches Indiegogo Campaign To Fight Hunger With Aquaponics

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The Health Home Harvest Kit aims to help people produce their own vegetables, fish and other foodstuffs to sidestep the coming resource crisis, and requires crowd funding investors.

Beverly Hills, CA, United States of America – December 12, 2013 /MarketersMedia/ —

With the population of the earth rapidly growing every day, scientists predict an imminent resource crisis in which humans tax the available resources of the earth to such an extent that many will not be able to be fed following current models. This has lead forward thinking individuals to look at new ways of effectively creating their own foods in sustainable ways. The Healthy Home Harvest Kit is a new Indiegogo Campaign that promises a healthy and ecologically sound means by which to produce not only vegetables, but fish and shrimp farms using aquaponics systems which, if funded, could change the way people create their food forever and help to fight global hunger.

The Healthy Home Harvest Kit promises to come in four sizes, the largest of which can create two hundred pounds of nutritional product a month, or 2,400 pounds per year. The kit will also come with a guide that describes everything people must do to maximize the efficiency of the kit, from system layouts and equipment checklists to construction, maintenance, growth and output instructions.

The Indiegogo Campaign promotes a wide variety of incentives to invest, including everything from bumper stickers to donating a virtual kit to a school, non-profit or charity, a real kit for the donator, a real kit for the donator and a good cause of their choice, plus multiples of the above to donate, give to friends, spread the word and promote the work.

A spokesperson for Healthy Home Harvest Kit explained, “We are facing an imminent resource crisis in which communities will no longer be able to rely on super-farms and agricultural industry for food, and will have to take on the responsibility of creating food for themselves. This need is already apparent in places of extreme poverty, and our kit provides a solution to both these challenges for today’s and tomorrow’s world. By donating to then campaign, people can help themselves and others create healthy food.”

About Healthy Home Harvest Kit:
The Healthy Home Harvest Kit serves as an instructional resource for anyone looking for a no-details-spared, step-by-step guide to building, operating, and maintaining an aquaponics system scaled to suit users’ needs, whether fighting global hunger or bringing healthy good to the local community.

For more information about us, please visit

Contact Info:
Name: Lauren Robinson
Phone: 18887658971
Organization: Platinum Metrics


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