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From Vets to Students, A Lesson on Courage

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One 5th grade class got a lesson on courage and honor, straight from veterans themselves on Friday.

It's part of Joanna Connell School's month-long curriculum on the "Medal of Honor," America's highest military honor awarded to those who perform acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty.

Five veterans visited Mrs. Laurie Hogan's 5th grade class and fielded questions and shared stories about their service.

 "I think it's pretty cool because it has to take a lot of courage to stand up and say that you want to go into war," said Nariah Marzka.

 "It is the best character development curriculum that I have seen. They (the students) look at not only people who serve in the armed forces, but police and firemen differently," said Mrs. Hogan. "They see each other differently. They're more supportive, they're less harsh. they start to show the character traits they learn about, without even realizing it.

The "Medal of Honor" curriculum started in Erie, but has spread to schools across the nation.

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