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Case Moves Forward Against Erie Man Charged In Deadly DUI

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The criminal case is moving forward, against the Millcreek man charged with a deadly drunk driving accident earlier this fall, in Fairview.

The case is moving on to trial, in the case of a Millcreek man who killed his friend, allegedly while driving drunk.
Ronald Hall is facing 10 charges, including homicide by vehicle while DUI, aggravated assault by vehicle while DUI, and reckless driving.
A judge Wednesday afternoon bound over all of the charges against him to trial, "I think the evidence is overwhelming as far as the physical evidence as well as evidence of the defendant's statements," said Assistant District Attorney Mark Richmond.

State police say back on October 17th, Hall was drunk when he lost control of his vehicle at the intersection of Eaton and Tow roads in Fairview.
His passenger 42-year old Aaron Schaefer was partially ejected from the car and died at the scene.
After that accident, hall left the scene of the crash, and wound up at his girlfriend's house.
State police were eventually able to track him down, from paperwork they found inside the vehicle.

Hall's defense attorney, Charbel Latouf says his client is forced to live with what happened to his friend, "My client is extremely remorseful, and he's going to have to live with the death of his good friend for the rest of his life, regardless of the outcome of this case," said Latouf.

Troopers took Hall to the hospital for a blood test, his blood was taken 5 hours and 20 minutes after the accident, and turned out to be below the legal limit.
However forensic pathologist Dr. Eric Vey was able to determine that his blood alcohol level at the time of the crash was about twice the legal limit.
And should this case go to trial, that will be an arguing factor for both the prosecution and defense.

"There will be testimony that will be presented from Dr. Vey, who's an expert forensic pathologist, we believe his testimony will be clear," said Richmond
"That's a critical issue for this case and we'll more than likely have our own expert to counter their argument," Latouf added.

According to court documents, we learned that at the time of this deadly crash, Hall was out on bond for a DUI in Millcreek.
Hall is heading to trial next month on those charges.

He's facing a total of 10 charges for this deadly crash, no trial date has been set.

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