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National Fuel Says "Don't Touch" if Basement Floods

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A National Fuel advisory is telling customers not to touch gas appliances like a furnace or hot water heater, even after the water has receded.

The precautions were put out in the wake of flooding advisories prompted by warmer temperatures and heavy rain.

The company advises that homeowners do *not* try to relight pilot lights on appliances after they have been impacted by flood water.

Homeowners should also avoid adjusting gas equipment especially while flooding persists.

You are also asked not to turn on gas to any appliance that has been shut off by emergency crews or NFG technicians.

If basement flooding has affected gas appliances call 1 (800) 365-3234. The company will restore your service free of charge.

If you smell gas in the building you are advised to open at least one window for ventilation, and call 1 (800) 444-3130.

Current forecast models call for rain through Sunday.

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