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Neidig Grants First Interview Since News of Charges Against Researcher

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Mark Neidig Executive Director of the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation spoke exclusively with WICU12 News reporter Lisa Adams on Monday at 5:00 PM, in the first on camera interview he's given since the news broke about felony charges against lead Kanzius researcher Dr. Steven Curley.

As we've reported, Dr. Curley and an MD Anderson IT staffer, Hank Lehman, were charged by the Harris County, Texas prosecutor's office in early August with "illegal intercept." Those charges stem from allegations that Curley and his accomplice used a popular software program on his former wife's computer to spy on her computer activity.

Neidig admitted that the news made for a difficult week for the Kanzius Foundation, but he said it will not impact the forward motion of the important radio frequency cancer treatment research started by the late John Kanzius.

Neidig told Adams that Dr. Curley's move to Baylor College of Medicine as Chief of the Division of Surgical Oncology and Associate Director for clinical affairs in the Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center was not connected to his legal issues.  Dr. Curley informed the Kanzius Research Foundation last summer that he was considering a new leadership position. He retired from MD Anderson at the end of 2013.

Mark Neidig said the equipment granted by the Kanzius Foundation has been moved to the lab facilities at Baylor College of Medicine. In December of 2013, $1.6 million dollars was granted to Dr. Curley and Baylor for research in 2014, and that includes funding for fifteen staff members who are following Dr. Curley and a new $587,000 Nikon Microscope to track the blood flow in animal tumors treated with the Kanzius RF machines.

Neidig told Adams the research will press on even in the event of a conviction on the charges, because of all the diversified specialists working on the Kanzius research.  Dr. Curley maintains his innocence.  He faces a court appearance on the charges January 22.

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