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Brother of Murder Victim Reacts to Verdict

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The choice was between first and third degree murder. After a day and a half of testimony, Erie County Judge John Garhart ruled that 49-year-old Robert Quick committed first degree murder when he killed 35-year-old Aderian Page. 

Page's family members packed the courtroom, it was the verdict they hoped for.  Jermaine Nixon spoke on behalf of the family, "I lost my brother, my mother lost her son, so I feel like his family should go through the same things and feel the same things."

Both sides agreed to the facts, that Quick brutally beat 35-year-old Aderian Page to death with an aluminum baseball bat last February 22, in Quick's Pennsylvania Avenue apartment. The victim's body was not found until several days later in a snowy nearby yard.

The big question did Quick intend to kill the man he called his crack cocaine dealer when he came to collect a 500 dollar debt.  Quick claimed on the stand that he was high on crack at he acted in fear and self defense.

Defense Attorney John Moore argued for third degree murder. He had this reaction after the first degree ruling.  "There was intent to stop Mr. Page from forcing him (Quick) to abandon any other sources of crack cocaine, and his fear Page might enforce that.  But I don't think he saw the final outcome of that as Mr. Page dying."

But Judge Garhart told the court during final arguments that he didn't accept the self defense argument.  In his decision he sided with the prosecution, based on District Attorney Jack Daneri's arguments about the number of brutal blows to the back of the victim's head. "Our theory of the case has been consistent," said Daneri.  "When you take a bat to an individual's head repeatedly you have to have intent to kill him, there can be nothing else."

The victim's brother agreed.  "He meant to kill my brother and he might not of planned on it, but once he hit my brother the first time, he planned on finishing him off," said Jermaine Nixon.

Defense Attorney John Moore said even a third degree verdict would have meant a long time behind bars for Quick. It's a case he calls a lose lose situation.  "Getting involved with something that changes people's behavior as radically as crack does is playing with dynamite every time," said Moore.

The first degree conviction means life in prison without parole. Sentencing is set for March 6.@

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