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Store Owner: Lottery Winner is Local Man

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We now know that the winner of that $325,000 Pennsylvania Lottery ticket sold in Waterford a week ago is a local man. But so far he has declined to be identified.

 Convenience store owner Bill Lavery said the man and his wife filled out the paperwork last night. But they wish to remain anonymous for now.

 But Lavery said the winner is an avid outdoorsman. So the store owner put up a sign today to let his customers know that. The sign reads, "Guys that hunt, fish and trap also win the lottery. Congratulations!"

 Lavery said the man used softball team uniform numbers as his lottery picks.

 He said, "The numbers he actually won on were his number, his brother-in-law, brother, and two other friends. Numbers when they played softball together."

 Lavery said the winner plans to use the money to help his sons and the Waterford community, and for retirement savings.

 And he  said the winner also tipped 4 longtime clerks at the store who sold him lottery tickets for many years.

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