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Scuba Team and Divers Give Ice Safety Demo

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The stretch of extremely cold temperatures in our area has left Lake Erie 95% frozen over. But safety on the ice is still very important.

That's why the Erie County Sheriff's Department Scuba Team and the Erie Skin Divers Club gave a rescue demonstration on the ice Sunday morning.

Divers cut a hole in the lake by Dobbin's Landing and demonstrated how to climb out if you fall through.

It's important to kick up your feet and get level to the ice, distributing your body weight, then rolling away from the hole before standing up.

When rescuing others, keep a safe distance away. Attaching an empty gallon jug to a rope makes an easy rescue device to toss.

And one easy tip: carry spikes attached to a rope with you. It's a 50 cent tool that could save your life.
"You can see I have a set through (the sleeves of) my coat. That way, if you were to fall through the ice, you would be able to pull your way out without having the ice continuously break underneath you," said Norma Carey, co-captain of the Sheriff's Dept Scuba Team.

The demonstration also showed how to use ice crosses along the bayfront. The purpose of the crosses is to further distribute the weight of the rescuers and the victim, to prevent further ice breakage during the rescue.

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