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As Internet Advertising Cost Rises, Targeted Radio Advertising Is A Secret Weapon

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Berk Marketing reminds business owners that radio is an affordable, direct response vehicle that efficiently attracts qualified leads. Online advertising may be new and shiny, but radio advertising is steady and reliable.

Los Angeles, CA, USA – January 30, 2014 /MM-AuthMedia/ —

Peter Berk, founder and president of Berk Marketing, has been a powerhouse in the radio business for 33 years. He’s seen the value of new and shiny advertising media rise and fall over the years. It’s his experience, and the data, which motivates him to remind advertisers that radio is still the secret weapon it’s always been.

“If you run a small, medium, or large business and would like to get more qualified local or national leads faster than you are now, radio advertising may be the most profitable advertising method you can use,” says Berk.

While Internet and mobile app advertising continues to be the fastest-growing segment, growing by 32.4% in 2013 according to Neilson, they are not necessarily the most effective. That’s because consumers still trust traditional media advertising over Internet advertising.

Neilson reports that 58% of consumers trust radio ads compared to 44% who trust search advertising, 39% who trust social media ads, and 35% who trust mobile display ads.

Also, recent studies continue to confirm that radio influences consumer behavior. In one study conducted by the Radio Advertising Bureau, when surveying consumers contemplating their next home improvement project, radio ads significantly influenced their decision. Additionally, listener trust was positively influenced when a radio personality promoted the home improvement project or service.

Berk Marketing creates success stories through qualified lead generation. They place cost-effective ads nationally or in any market in America. And they offer the ability to use local personalities to boost the influence of the ads.

From script writing and media planning to full production and data response tracking, Berk Marketing offers affordable and measurable solutions that generate more phone calls and more qualified leads.

Start-to-finish radio advertising services include local and national terrestrial radio and live personality endorsements. They also provide access to remnant spots, or last minute unsold inventory, for as much as 60% off the rate card.

Discover how high-impact, targeted radio advertising can be the secret weapon to getting more qualified leads faster – regardless of how competitive the industry. Visit to request a free marketing analysis to see if radio advertising is right for business.

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