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BOOM! Local Event Focuses on an Explosion of Business

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This event Full conference (2 PM – 6 PM) includes an amazing mini-keynote presentation “How to be EXPLOSIVE in Business!”

January 30, 2014 /MM-prReach/ —

Oceanside, CA – The Business Explosion to be held on Thursday, January 30, 2014 from 2 – 6 PM at the QLN Conference Center in Oceanside is an annual event bringing together nearly 200 local business professionals for an explosive afternoon of connecting and networking, finding local resources at nearly 50 exhibits, discovering insights from a powerful mini-keynote speaker and a panel discussion featuring top business owners, sampling food and beverage from local restaurants, caterers, culinary instructors, a brewery and wine companies, and enjoying some “tunes to networking by” in a “business casual” environment.

Strategically held in January, while most other similar events are not held until the Spring or Fall, The Business Explosion gives attendees and exhibitors an EARLY opportunity to generate leads and fill their pipeline for follow up throughout the year. Its name denotes its primary purpose… for BUSINESS to EXPLODE with BUSINESS!

Attendees may choose to attend the entire event to experience the conference and awards reception portions of the program or elect to just attend from 4 – 6 PM for the mixer portion. Those who attend the conference will be edu-tained by our powerhouse mini-keynote presenter, Deanna Potter, as she shares secrets on “How to be EXPLOSIVE in Business” and will be engaged by our panel discussion where our 5 panelists (Kathi Burns of addSpace to Your Life!, Bridget Ayers of Get Smart Workspaces, Colm Kelly of Do Business Smarter, Don Reedy the most interesting man in real estate, and Vladimir Medvinsky of Angel Printing, Inc. [all whose businesses have recently exploded]), moderated by the one and only Michelle Bergquist of Connected Women of Influence, reveal their real-world, unscripted answers on the topic “How Did YOU get YOUR Business to EXPLODE?!?” Additionally, conference attendees will have the opportunity to watch the awards reception where the hosts of the event, Good Ol’ Gals Business Connections, recognize, honor and award top women in five (5) categories and one business man for the “Guys Rock Too!” Award. The Business Explosion, produced by Shonna Jordan and Gini Craig, is hosted by Good Ol’ Gals Business Connections (GOGs), a local women’s organization founded on the motto that “Together We’re Better!” Originally denoted as “A GOG Event where guys are welcome”,

The Business Explosion is fast becoming recognized as an all-inclusive, stand-alone business event established by a local women’s organization. For more details and registration, please visit…


For more information about us, please visit

Contact Info:
Name: Shonna Jordan
Phone: 760 310 3827
Organization: The Business Explosion


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