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Social Media Pathways Announces New Lead Generation Service for Dermatologists and Plastic

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Social Media Pathways to Offer Cutting-Edge Marketing Service for Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists.

Miami, United States – January 30, 2014 /MarketersMedia/ —

Social Media Pathways (SMP) is proud to announce the next step in social media marketing in which Facebook is used for lead generation. SMP is offering this cutting-edge service specifically for plastic surgeons and dermatologists. In any business, it is the email list (where leads live) that is the number one sales place, so SMP is using Facebook to take people from the largest social media platform to the more intimate and sales-oriented email list.

“Many practices have done well in building up their Facebook Business Fan Pages, but have been frustrated that those ‘fans’ have not turned in to patients,” says Carl Gerber, President of Social Media Pathways. “Using new cutting-edge techniques and Facebook’s new ad platform, we have found a way to move potential patients from Social Media to an email list where a sale is more likely to happen.”

Facebook’s ad platform has changed dramatically the past year. There are over 6.2 million people on Facebook who are interested in Dermatology or Cosmetic Surgery. They can be specifically targeted using special ads. In combination with the ads, SMP employs a lead magnet, which is something of value or interest like a free downloadable e-book to a prospective customer in exchange for the prospect’s name and email address. Basically, a plastic surgeon or dermatologist looking to expand his or her list of leads can use SMP’s services, which include setting up the lead magnet, and it doesn’t stop there.

SMP will then use lead nurturing to continue communication between the plastic surgeon or dermatologist and the prospective customers. Lead nurturing is an integral part of the social media marketing process and generally consists of timely emails that are both informative and beneficial to the prospect, while keeping the prospect’s mind on the plastic surgeon or dermatologist’s unique services. SMP is always on the lookout for “the next best thing” in social media marketing and lead generation through Facebook has become one of the most powerful ways to acquire new patients.

Social Media Pathways is a leading social media marketing firm. SMP has offices in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and they have recently expanded with offices in bustling Miami, Florida, where their bilingual staff will offer Social Media Marketing to the large Latino market. For additional information on SMP’s services, please contact Kalyn at Social Media Pathways at (505) 695.1429.

For more information about us, please visit

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Name: Kalyn Bastion
Address: 223 E Palace Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87508
Phone: 505-695-1429
Organization: Social Media Pathways


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