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Local School Celebrates "School Choice Week" with Crazy Hat Day

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Students and faculty at Erie Rise Leadership Academy celebrated National School Choice Week by wearing their favorite hats in the classroom.

Each January, National School Choice Week shines the spotlight on education options for students, parents and communities.

In addition to letting kids wear their favorite hats, the school also held parent teacher conferences, a pep rally and award ceremony.

"It's been kind of crazy because of course, we are wearing our crazy hats today," said Curriculum Facilitator, Jane Wagner.  "This morning we had our academic pep rally and the kids had to sit still while we awarded straight A's, honors and attendance awards."

For Erie Rise Leadership Academy, the week is all about celebrating the students.

"Really celebrating the fact that we do have school choice and parents can make a school choice of where to educate their children," said Wagner.

National School Choice Week aims to ensure a strong future for American public education.

To learn more about National School Choice, you can visit them online at schoolchoiceweek.com.

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