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Stanley Cup In Erie for One Night Only

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  The Stanley Cup is hockey's Holy Grail. 

 Hundreds came out to Mercyhurst University Saturday afternoon to see the Stanley Cup, for themselves.

 Rich Patti has been a hockey fan for his entire life; on Saturday, he got to see t he cup for the first time.

 "I never thought I would ever in my life; get to be that close to the Stanley Cup. It's really cool to see Lord Stanley in person," he said.

 People from Buffalo, Pittsburgh and Cleveland all traveled to Erie this weekend to see the cup, which is in town for 1 night only.

 "It's pretty amazing, I never thought I would ever touch the Stanley Cup and it feels pretty good," said lifelong hockey fan, Thomas Schable.

 Preston Reilly works for Mercyhurst University's Student Union.  "I've been skating since I was 4 and this was the first time to see it, so I'm definitely a kid in a candy shop," he said.

 Fans were told they could touch the cup and even kiss it, but in order to hold the cup above your head, you have to win it.

 The "keepers of the cup" enforce those rules.  Hall of Fame keepers take the cup out on the road and are with it at all times.

 Mike Bolt has been a keeper of the cup for 15 years.  "We're bringing the greatest trophy in the world to the greatest fans in the world," he said.  "We're on the road 320 days a year.  There's always a representative from the hall of fame with it at all times."

 Mercyhurst Athletic Trainer, Mike Folga's name is on the cup.

 "That happened in 1994 when I was head equipment manager with the New York rangers," he said.  "I'm glad the University took the time to include me in what they're doing.  It's also a fund raising project for the Wounded Warriors, you know, that's a little special to me too.  I have a brother-in-law that was over as a major in Afghanistan."

 Donations collected at Saturday's game will benefit the Wounded Warriors project, which provides support to wounded veterans.

 You can still see the cup tonight at Mercyhurst Ice Center in between periods at the 7 o'clock game.

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