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Erie Stunned by Death of David Hallman, Prep Grad's Body Found in Ohio

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The Erie is shocked by the death of David Hallman III on Monday, a Cathedral Prep graduate and a senior at Dennison University.

"He was always gracious, considerate, very kind. He was an excellent student for us, he swam on the swim team. Just the finest young man you'd want to know," said Father Scott Jabo, president of Erie Catholic Preparatory Schools, which include both Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria.

He was found dead, outside, in Granville, Ohio on Saturday at 10:34pm, about 20 hours after he was reported missing by his father, David Hallman II of Erie's Hallman Chevrolet.

The search party formed by Dennison staff found him outside of a condo complex than half a mile from where he was last seen, at Brew Cafe at 116 E. Broadway in Granville.

Police suspect that hypothermia was the cause of death and that alcohol was involved.

The news stunned the Erie community, hitting hard those who knew him.

"It seemed avoidable, but it's something you'd never think of happening. Especially when you're young. You just don't expect it, even now it's shocking to hear," said Mike Doyle, the swim coach at Cathedral Prep and a former coach of Hallman's.

Hallman's Facebook is now full of posts from friends, remembering his life.

"He continued to be the same fine young man at the college level. I know he was very popular in college. He's the type of young man who had a lot of friends, a lot of people cared for him, and it just doesn't seem possible that he at such a young age, has died," Father Jabo said.

Hallman's former coach remembers their last conversation.

"We had just talked a few week ago about his future plans," Doyle said. "He just was a great kid. People just genuinely loved him. He was just nice and he always had a smile, an infectious laugh. I think he was just a bright star, every one just gravitated towards him and I know he'll be missed."

David Hallman was 21 years old.

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