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Heroin Addiction Treatment in Erie

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Taylor Miller never thought it would happen to her.  But after trying heroin once, her path of addiction escalated quickly.

"When I started using it, it quickly spiraled out of control for me," said Miller.  "I put a hold on my life to start recovery in Chicago."

Miller has been in recovery since September.  After losing several of her friends to overdoses, she decided, enough is enough.

Miller started a Facebook page called "Heroin Overdose Prevention in Erie" or H.O.P.E.  It's a place for others to learn more about heroin addiction.

"People post their stories and then you'll see 20 comments, and they are all very inspiring," said Miller.  "Just people offering their support."

For those that are struggling with addiction, there are places in Erie that you can turn to.  Places like Gaudenzia Crossroads are here, to offer a helping hand.

Steve Simmelkjaer and Ryan Wood are proof of the organization's success.

"I was a heroin addict, in the 60s growing up in New York City," said Simmelkjaer.  "I was a teenager who got hooked on this particular drug very easy, very fast, and it took me down very fast."

Wood also shared his personal account.

"Myself, I came to Gaudenzia about five years ago to get clean," said Wood.  "Heroin is my drug of choice also, and in the past five years, I've completely changed my life around with the help of Gaudenzia."

According to the Gaudenzia, over the past six years, the number of people that checked themselves in for heroin treatment has skyrocketed.

From 2006 to 2012, the number of clients that checked themselves in for treatment went from 11 percent of all admits, to 38 percent of all admits.

According to Simmelkjaer, with proper treatment and a strong support system, there is hope.

"I just believe that it is important that we have the ability to offer not just hope, but we need to bring those other very vital components back into the life of individuals who are going through this addiction." said Simmelkjaer.

Miller agrees.

"In the end, we can't truly help someone who doesn't want help," said Miller.  "Because there is no hope in an addicts life.  There's only hope in recovery."


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