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Erie County On A Roll Before Record Lotto Drawing

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ERIE, PA -- Power ball tickets are a hot commodity this week, as a result of a record setting jackpot drawing Wednesday evening.  Stores are expecting the rush.

"Everybody's been coming in, especially when they come in to get their coffees or on their way home."

And why wouldn't they shop? Erie County has been on a jackpot roll lately. Starting January eight in Waterford, three hundred twenty five thousand. Then four days later in Corry for two hundred fifty thousand. And one month to the day.  At the country fair on north peach street one million dollars,

What can you say about that?

"I just hope it keeps up"

To win you have to pick up a ticket. And you may just end up four hundred million dollars richer. Feeling a jackpot victory, just like three others in our county this year. 

"I was happy for that person, I would've been happier if it was me"

But what are the odds of you picking up a winning ticket? Actually, just winning, you're chances are relatively high. Starting at just four dollars of course, your chance of winning are actually just a little less than one in 32. Not bad.

The big jackpot? Well a little less. 1: 175,223,510.

The concentration of winners may have you thinking Erie County is the spot to buy your tickets.

"Well your odds are the same whether you live in Erie county or Crawford county. Whether you live in Pennsylvania or the question becomes, how do you pick your numbers? Do you leave it up to fate and let the machine pick, or grab a coupon and pick them out for yourself?"

"I just pick them off the machine, but sometimes I play random too.

"I don't have any certain numbers that I use, but I know a lot of people that do"

No matter how you buy your tickets remember, that one in one hundred seventy five million, will end up being someone. And with recent wins, northwestern PA seems to have as good a shot as anyone.  Reporting in Erie, I'm Brandon Arroyo. ###

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