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Local Grad Wins Olympic Hockey Finals

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In stunning fashion, the Canadian women's hockey team rallied to stun Team USA, Thursday afternoon.

For one Mercyhurst alum, it was a day of celebration.

Meghan Agosta-Marciano is a 3-time Olympic gold medalist; she spent most of her undergrad skating on the ice at Mercyhurst University

On Thursday, Agosta-Marciano's friends and former team mates gathered to watch her play in the gold medal game, in Sochi, Russia.

"When you get to the level she's playing at, all the girls are pretty good and it's the elite athletes with talent who get separated from the pack," said Mercyhurst Head Coach and Agosta-Marciano's former Coach, Mike Sisti.  "I think that's been the best way she's evolved as an Olympic athlete," he said.

Those who know Agosta-Marciano best, said her success is well-deserved.

Delaney Collins played with Agosta-Marciano in Canada for 5 years.

"Meghan and I lived together before the 2010 Olympics and I was also in her wedding party," said Collins.  "She was younger when she joined team Canada but she came up through the ranks and worked really hard," she said.

Agosta-Marciano's international success brought attention to Mercyhurst's hockey program.

Many girls on the Mercyhurst women's team look up to her.

"It was pretty intimidating when I first saw her in the locker room, I was like oh my gosh, I'm meeting Olympic gold medalist, Meghan Agosto," said Senior, Christie Cicero.

Christine Bestland is a Senior on the Mercyhurt women's team.  She had the chance to play with Agosta-Marciano.

"I look up to her, especially because I got to play with her.  She graduated when I was a freshman and just seeing how much she's improved, it makes me want to work hard and play just like her," said Bestland.

Sochi marks Agosta-Marciano third Olympic Games and her third time winning gold.

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