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Collegiate Academy Preps for PA Academic Decathlon

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A few academic sports teams from our region advanced to the state level.  They're studying hard for the Pennsylvania Academic Decathlon this weekend and there's a lot on the line.

McDowell, Northwestern, Erie Catholic Prep (Cathedral Prep and Villa) and NWPA Collegiate Academy are among the teams vying to represent Pennsylvania at nationals in Honolulu, Hawaii in April.

But it's the team from Collegiate Academy, who swept the local rounds of competition, then placed second to McDowell at regionals, that's fighting to reclaim its reputation.

We found members of the Collegiate team studying hard in a school conference room. They've been putting in plenty of extra hours of study on this year's theme...World War I.

All you have to do is walk down the hall at Collegiate Academy to see USAD award banners and packed trophy cases showing off the storied history of the school's academic sports teams.

The team is as motivated by that history as they are by that recent loss to rival McDowell.

"We were surprised, but not too concerned," said senior Samantha Galla.  "It's only motivated us to work harder and to study harder so we can do better at the state."

Senior Rebbekkah Magoon agreed, the recent loss was a lesson learned.  "If you make a few mistakes, as long as you learn from the mistakes, then it's just a learning experience and we just gotta keep rolling with the punches," said Magoon.

Head Coach Brian Sheldon said the students clearly learned from the loss earlier this month and have been working very hard.  "You learn from it, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, they've signed contracts, we've put in extra time, extra effort and nobody has shirked their duty," said Sheldon. 

The extra time comes on top of their regular school studies and activities at their honors public high school and for the seniors, on top of their college application process too.

"We have kids here who come into school as early as 7:00 AM, we have kids, including myself who stay as late as 5:00 PM," said Samantha Galla.  "I know I try to get in a good 30 hours a week of  studying, usually I am close, not quite there, but that's my goal at least."

The competition takes place at Souderton High School in Souderton, PA this Friday and Saturday, February 28 and March 1.  We'll know the outcome on Saturday.

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