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Details Emerge on Teen who Stabbed Mother to Death

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MILLCREEK- 18-year-old Michael Burrows remains behind bars Sunday night, without bond.

He was charged Saturday for the brutal stabbing death of his mother, Mary Burrows.

Police, family members and neighbors are trying to understand what lead to the deadly assault.

"He was kind of labeled as a trouble maker around here so I always kept an eye on him, but he didn't seem like that violent of a person," said Sean Pedow, a neighbor who lives across the street from the Burrows.

After the apparent assault with a knife, Michael called 911, himself.

The following is transcribed audio from Millceek Police scanner calls dispatched the night the murder took place, "Looks like the caller is going to be an 18-year-old male...several priors including mental health history..victim is a female, unknown age, unresponsive, bleeding from the throat."

The coroner said, Burrows died of multiple sharp force trauma.  She suffered two stab wounds to the neck and another to the abdomen, that ultimately took her life.

"Michael subsequently admitted to being involved in the incident," said Millcreek Police Detective, Rick Skonieczka.

Family members says Michael's father smelled alcohol on his breath, the night of the murder.  He suspects drugs or alcohol could have played a part.

Police aren't commenting on that yet. "I can't confirm that there were any drugs or alcohol involved at this point", said Skonieczka.

Family members are hoping police provide some answers in the coming days.

A celebration of Mary Burrows' life  is planned for Thursday evening.  It will take place from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at a home at 3002 Glenwood Park Avenue.

Memorials to help the family cover funeral costs can be made to Orlando Funeral at 2122 Raspberry Street.

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