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Turkey Vultures Crowd Presque Isle

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The warmer forecast may cause a huge number of turkey vultures to move north from their temporary roosts at Presque Isle.

  More than 400 of the big birds have spent the past several days at the park. Many of them are in trees along Presque Isle Bay.

 It is not unusual to see the birds in our area. Some stay. Most of them are migrating. But it is very unusual to see so many in one spot. Experts say it is all about the weather.

 Presque Isle State Park Environmental Educator Anne DeSarro said, "We had a few warm days. They were riding  the thermals on their migration route. Then we had a real cold snap where the temperature was 12-15 degrees. They need the thermals to fly. They stay grounded until the weather warms up again. That is why they are here."

 Some of the vultures have even been roosting on homes and trees along South Shore Drive on the other side of the bay.

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