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Challenge Delay

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     What do you think of MLB's new challenge rule so far ???  While the intent is good, adding more time to baseball games is downright painful !!!  One reason why baseball is not as popular with the youth is the long, long games being played now..  three to four hours...the constant "dead action" of baseball is dreadful with players taking forever at bat, small strikezones that send each batter's count deep.  I like the flow of baseball on a warm summer night, something soothing about it but when it goes too long, too many delays, too may 3-2 counts, too many foul balls, too much time between pitches, it can drive me crazy.  So the challenge rule, like anything new in a sport, should be tweeked a bit so we don't have a dealy EVERY time a close call is made.  The only good about a long baseball game is that you have a chance to drink more beer. 

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