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Paternity Leave for Pro Athletes

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   I remember when my first daughter was born on February 13, 1990.  It was a Tuesday and I returned to work on Thursday.  There was no paternity leave so I had to take a couple vacation days until wife and daughter were safely home.  No big deal...just the way it was at the time. That's why I think the Daniel Murphy story has been blown out of proportion by, who else, the media.  By the MLB collective bargaining agreement, a player can take three days for paternity leave, which Murphy did...and then was ripped for it by certain members of the NY media.  Thousands of players have taken time off for the birth of their child....Murphy was ripped for the fact that his child was born Monday at noon and he should have returned for the Wednesday night game.   In most ways, I feel he had every right to do it.....but one other point...the reason he can have a nice lifestyle...the reason his kid will grow up without worrying about money...the reason his wife is well's because he is blessed with being a major league baseball players.  He was at his child's birth...had the chance to spend 48 hours with wife and I can see why some feel he should have returned Wednesday.  This is not about being at the birth of your child, he was and many have's about going back to work like the rest of us have had to do.  In some ways, it again shows that some MLB players and pro athletes in general think they are above the rest of us. 

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