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Work Zone Safety Week Kicks Off Flurry of Construction

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"National Work Zone Awareness Week" kicks off another season of construction on Monday.

Extra funding this year brings more projects than usual - Northwest Pennsylvania is getting $104 million dollars worth of bridge and road construction this year. That means motorists should be on the lookout for work zones.

 "One, when you see a construction zone, slow down. The safety of the people working there are extremely important. And number two, have patience. It is a temporary inconvenience for a permanent improvement, so please, take your time," said PA Governor Tom Corbett. 
Here are a couple of major projects that the Erie area will see this spring and summer.

The bridge on W. 38th St (near Pittsburgh Ave) over I-79 will see a major, $2 million revamp. Work is slotted to begin in August and end in October. The bridge deck will be entirely replaced, and traffic, detoured. 

It's just one of the seven bridges in Northwest PA that will get some serious work. The Route 98 bridge over I-90 in Fairview will be entirely rebuilt. That work starts in July. 

Other construction in the city includes sidewalk and curb ramp work, particularly along Cherry Street. This project is a continuation from 2013, in an effort to make roads more safe for pedestrians. 

The Erie area will get its first roundabout this summer, at Routes 19 and 97 just south of Waterford. 

The junction sees more than12,000 cars daily and frequently congests during rush-hour traffic. The $2 million roundabout project will ease the traffic. 

These are just a few projects of the hundreds that NW PA will see this summer, and PennDOT reminds drivers that safety is a priority.

Penalties for traffic violations in an active work zone. 

Motorists caught driving 11 miles per hour or more above the posted speed limit will lose their license for 15 days automatically. 

 All motorists are required to travel with their headlights turned on in all posted work zones. The penalty for driving without lit headlights is $25.


Other projects, according to PennDOT:

Add sidewalks, curb ramps and short retaining walls on Peach Street from Kuntz Road to Cherry Street in Millcreek Township and the City of Erie.
Route 6N. Widen, resurface and construct a left turn lane at Fry Road, along with minor grade adjustments in Washington Township.
·       Correction of embankment erosion with a rock slope and safety improvements on Interstate 86 in Greenfield Township.
·       Widening, addition of a center turn lane and safety improvements to Route 19 from the PennDOT maintenance shed to Dorn Road in Summit Township.
·       Lowering the roadway to improve the drainage and sight distance on Route 6 (West Center Street) at the Mill Village Railroad Underpass over a tributary to French Creek Tributary in Mill Village Borough.

The list above is not complete and may change.

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