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Store Owner Seeks Assistance in Identifying Suspects

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We're learning more about the armed robbery that took place Tuesday night.

The suspects, two men, hit the Stop N' Go convenience store located on 8th and Peach, just 2 blocks away from the Erie Police station.

The whole crime was caught on tape by the store's surveillance cameras.

Stop N' Go owner, Karar Aldafaai, was working the register when the suspects came into the store.

"He pointed the gun at me, told me to get down and pull out my drawer," said Aldafaai.  "At that moment, I just started shaking."

But Aldafaai said the suspects didn't stop there; they also made him hand over 5 cartons of cigarettes.

He said the robbers got away with $500-$600 worth of cigarettes and cash.  Unfortunately, he's no stranger to these hold ups.

Aldafaai used to own the Stop N' Go store on East Avenue.  He said that store was robbed 8 times over the course of just 3 years.

"I had a couple of other stores, one store I just closed down On East Avenue because of continuous break-ins on the lower East Side," he said.

Neighbors who live in the area of 8th and Peach said they're troubled by the recent crime.

"You know, it just makes you think," said Anita Fisher, who lives just a block away from the store.  "I could have chose to come into this store at any time, you just never know," she said.

"We all have families and we put in close to 13 hours a day at work," said Aldafaai.  "I'm noticing it's going on a lot around here and I'm hoping that someone who see's this video will speak up and report them before they hurt somebody," he said.

So far, no arrests have been made.  You're asked to contact Erie Police with any details regarding the suspects identity.
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