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Thursday Thoughts

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     Some random thoughts on this Thursday in April.......if Michael Pineda of the Yankees is going to use pine tar and cheat please hide it better than putting it on his neck !!!  That's obvious.  I like the statement that a lot of pitchers may get away with it now and then, they just know how to hide it better.  What was Pineda thinking ???

     Some people in State College want to put up a statue of Joe Paterno in the downtown area, not on the Penn State campus.  No matter how you feel about Paterno after the Sandusky episode, what he did for the community that surrounds Penn State was generous to say the least.  Some feel it was a rush to judgement by Penn State to vilify Paterno and take down his statue at Beaver Stadium.  I think for many it is a big hole that is left unfilled by the Sandusky scandal that is not allowing many to move on and heal.   What would Penn State or State College be without Joe
 Paterno ???  Put up a statue, the man deserves it for all the millions of dollars he has given and the many lifes he has influenced.

    Finally, Sid Crosby better show up or the Pens may be ousted in the first round.  Doesn't it seem that Columbus just has more emotion and incentive than the Penguins in this series.  The Pens are fortunate, thanks to a couple of offensive surges in the games they have won, they haven't been swept already.  Time for the captain to take control.
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