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Senator Wiley Hoping to Bring Job Training Program to Erie

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In an effort to reduce poverty in our area, Senator Sean Wiley is hoping to bring a new training program to Erie County.

According to Senator Wiley, he is now working on a plan with the Manchester Bidwell Corporation.  The organization has several locations set up around the state, which offer adult career training and youth education services in the communities that they serve.  The programs and training are based on the job market in each community.

"In bringing this here, it will satisfy a number of needs," said Senator Wiley.  "Number one, really offering opportunity to our youth, and secondly, really looking at a training component that compliments all of the other great things that are happening in this field right now."

Senator Wiley and the founder of Manchester Bidwell are meeting on Friday to further discuss those plans.

From the Manchester Bidwell web site:

At Manchester Bidwell Corporation, we have a simple philosophy – environment shapes people’s lives. By constructing an empowering atmosphere of art, light, music and a staff that strives to realize the genius in everyone, we enable our students to become productive society members.

Our philosophy originated when founder Bill Strickland met Pittsburgh Public High School art teacher Frank Ross. Ross mentored Strickland through his teen years, impressing upon him the powers of art, education and community, and helping him obtain entrance to the University of Pittsburgh.

While still in college in 1968, Strickland founded Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild to bring arts education and mentorship to inner city youth in his neighborhood. The MCG Youth & Arts program, as it is now called, serves public school students by offering courses in our ceramics, design, digital and photography studios.

In 1972, Strickland assumed leadership of a struggling building trade school located near Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild. Over the years, Bidwell Training Center evolved to offer programs in fields ranging from horticulture to medical. Currently, we are a nationally accredited and state licensed adult career training institution.

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