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Millcreek School Board Not Eliminating McDowell Arts Program

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Dozens of students rallied late Sunday afternoon to keep their performing arts program alive. But on Monday night, the Millcreek School Board clarified that it never planned to eliminate the program, or the director of performing arts position.

The director of the McDowell center of performing arts, Michael Malthaner, will retire at the end of the school year. Students and parents were concerned the board would eliminate his position, and possibly the program.

The board's president says that's not the case.

 "There's a lot of misinformation that we're cutting the center for performing arts, that's not true, we would not do that. Mr. Malthaner has done a tremendous job," said Judy Wheaton. "But we're looking at his classroom situation and whether or not we can have some of those classes covered by other teachers so we can start to save some money."

The board plans to start advertising for Malthaner's position soon. Wheaton says little will change with the performing arts center and program.

The classroom readjustments will be finalized by end of the month.
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