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Who Buys $50,000 Suits These Days?

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(NewsUSA) - The number-one video on YouTube is from South Korean pop star PSY, showing the arrival of South Korea as both a cultural powerhouse and an acknowledged economic force. Every American touches the quality creations flowing out of this reborn Asian tiger, from Samsung cell phones and flat screens, to Hyundai or Kia cars.

Already one of the top-five car brands worldwide producing more than 7.5 million vehicles in 2013, Hyundai has a lesser-known corporate branch serving South Korea's new millionaires and billionaires the finest clothing from around the world through it's upscale department stores in Korea.

One example is the Kiton suits adorning the new Korean upper classes. Kiton suits, handmade in Italy and distributed by Premiere Opportunities Group (OTCQB: PPBL) throughout Asia, are prominently displaying in 10-foot-high glass cases in Hyundai's key department stores. Hyundai and Lotte stores merchandise the luxury brands from Premiere Opportunities Group (www.PremiereOpportunities.com), including Kiton, Brunello Cuccinelli, Jones NY, and Premiere's own U.S.-made brands, like CABE Designer Apparel (www.CabeStudio.com), Cyn-Luca Swimwear (www.CynandLuca.com) and Avani Activewear (www.AvaniClothing.com), to a growing class of prosperous, fashion conscious Asian consumers.

Forbes' list of the top-50 richest South Koreans shows that the small country of 50 million people, with a per capita income on par with the U.S. in purchasing power at about $35K, has quickly moved to the forefront in regional per capita income growth. Even with South Korea's appetite for $50,000 suits from Kiton, Kiton's worldwide production is limited to 20,000 suits per year.

Premiere is now about to establish a footprint in China, the wealthiest and largest economy in all of Southeast Asia through relationships it has with other department store chains in the country. There are only so many Kiton suits to go around, but Premiere's other lines will soon be marketed to similarly well-heeled consumers in Mainland China and the rest of Southeast Asia.

Premiere Opportunities Group (OTCQB-PPBL), soon to be known as Global Fashion Group, Inc., is currently trading as a penny stock and has the potential to see a sizable appreciation over the next few years because of its dynamic leadership and expected growth in top-line revenue and bottom-line profit.

Potential investors should confer with their investment advisers, accountants and attorneys before risking their funds. Learn more about the company at www.PremiereOpportunities.com.

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