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Ice Center of Erie Closes

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After serving the community for years, the Ice Center of Erie is closing it's doors.

According to the rink's web site, the facility is closing due to multiple mechanical issues.

For North Coast Hockey Co-owner and Erie Adult Hockey League Commissioner Dave Hinz, the closure will have an immediate impact on his league.

"The Erie Adult Hockey League, we play over the spring and the summer," said Hinz.  "So for us, it's going to really put a crimp into our plans to offer a summer league for this season."

It's closure brings the number of ice rinks in Erie down to three.

 "Without a question, ice is limited in this community," said Erie Youth Hockey Association Board Director Bob Catalde.  "So with the Ice Center gone, we're going to be scrambling for some ice."

According to Catalde, although the EYHA primarily uses JMC Ice Arena, the league will feel the impact as well.

"It's very possible we'll have to look to some of the closer communities like Fredonia, Meadville, Jamestown, things along those lines to try to find the ice we need to get the kids on the rinks." said Catalde.

The owner of Ice declined to comment on camera.   While it's unclear if anyone is interested in purchasing the facility, there's currently plans in the works for a new ice rink.

Hinz is part of a group working on bringing a new rink to Erie.

"I've been part of a group that for about the past two and a half years, has been researching bringing a double-pad ice facility to Erie," said Hinz.  "We're progressing along, and hoping to get that going sooner rather than later."

Those involved with that research say that the need for a dual rink, is great.

"I think that Erie has been missing out on some of the hockey culture for the past couple of years that's seen in other cities," said North Coast Hockey Co-owner Mike Sinclair.  "So hopefully we can get this done, and get a new double-pad facility up and running in town very soon."

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