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What's in a Name ???

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       It's been a subject of debate for years...should teams like the Washington Redskins change their name as to not reflect the Native American culture ???   I remember being at the Bills-Redskins Super Bowl in Minnesota in January of 1992 and a group of Native Americans were protesting the Redskins name outside the Metrodome at the time so it's been going on for years and quite frankly, nothing has changed.  A few colleges changed their names...IUP became the Crimson Hawks, Rutgers became the Scarlet Knights but the Redskins, Indians, Braves, Warriors, etc remain the same.  I don't think it's a big deal, the name itself, but the emblems and logos....that's another story.  Do you really think the Chief Wahoo Indians logo is flattering ???  A red faced, big teeth, obnoxious looking thing.  C'mon, it's ugly and repulsive and yet, for some reason, the Indians are getting a pass, at least from national attention, for it.   I say, get rid of all of them...across the board !!  You have animals (Huskies, Bulldogs, Bisons, etc) and geographical tie-ins (Phillies, Grape Pickers, Canucks, etc.)  You have innate objects (Thunder, Clippers, Maple Leafs etc.)  and they are harmless.  One other worth mentioning....how about having your team named after a bunch of sea-bearing criminals ???   Like the Pirates.  Where does that one fit in ???
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