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Virtual Real Estate Investing Pioneer Mark Evans DM Discusses Roadmap for Flipping Success

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Mark Evans DM recently shared his virtual real estate investing success roadmap on Influencers Radio, explaining how his “virtual” business strategy helps investors create wealth through flipping properties without swinging a hammer.

June 6, 2014 /MM-AuthorityPress/ —

Best-selling author and entrepreneur, Mark Evans DM recently spoke with Jack Mize on Influencers Radio, explaining how his virtual real estate investing strategy for flipping properties helps entrepreneurs make more money without ever personally visiting the properties. According to Evans, his plan enables him to turn over at least ten properties a month, and even as many as 14 deals in a week.

Evans explained that the key to his success, and that of real estate investors following his plan, is a “virtual mindset” when it comes to entrepreneurship. He says many people get too emotionally involved with the properties they rehabilitate, and it costs them money.

“You drive there and you become infatuated with the house. Turn on these TV shows where they go to auctions, and they’re like, my budget’s sixty thousand. But all of a sudden, they buy for seventy-five grand because their emotions took over.”

He says many people are surprised to learn how he “virtually” restores hundreds of properties and sells them without setting foot inside a single one. He explains that he relies on his team of property and project managers on the ground to deal with the granular issues of rehabilitating each property while he focuses exclusively on the business itself. He says this saves time and generates more wealth.

“I’m communicating with my people online, and I know more about what’s going on with my properties today because I’m focusing on things that matter. I have zero emotional attachment to any of these properties; I’m focusing on the numbers.”

When asked if he thought the virtual environment was a risky way to invest in real estate, Evans explained that his system is less risky than becoming emotionally involved because of the confidence he has in his simple to follow process.

“They can send me videos and pictures online. If there’s a hole in the ceiling, I’m not fixing that hole in the ceiling. I can be at the beach, or having dinner with friends and I can initiate having someone else do it. It’s going to get fixed no matter what—without me swinging the hammer, without the 16-hour days and getting emotionally involved with each unit.”

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