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Minesh Bhindi Explains How The Super Wealthy Invest Much Differently Than Most Think

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Minesh Bhindi, creator of Gold for Life, was featured on Influencers Radio explaining what consumers need to know to protect and grow wealth and how it’s not the traditional strategies most investors are led to believe will get them there.

June 6, 2014 /MM-AuthorityPress/ —

Gold for Life founder, Minesh Bhindi, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show with Jack Mize, discussing the wealth protection and lifestyle investment strategies that have resulted in a 92% success rate (highest in the industry) for members of his Gold For Life investment community.

During the interview Bhindi contrasts traditional investment philosophies when he says, “You can’t save your way to wealth using common ideas. Mutual funds suffer from dollar averaging—90% do not beat the basic market returns on a year-to-year basis, yet are perceived as ‘safe’ investments by the public.”

“What people really want is a life where they can buy their time back because a lot of people have lived a life so far where they have sacrificed their time, sacrificed their life literally, to create a financial stability for themselves and their family,” Bhindi says.

Bhindi goes on to explain how this can be accomplished with his Wealth Triangle Philosophy, stating, “First, buy a booming asset below market value. Next, use creative ways to get cash flow from your booming asset. Then, buy more of that booming asset. In this way you can create wealth.”

Gold For Life’s benchmark for success is not just monetary but is also measured by allowing members to buy their time back and to finally live the life that they wanted to live, whether it’s fly around the world first class and reconnect face-to-face with friends, start philanthropic ventures or create businesses that can change the world.

Listen to the complete interview online at: http://influencersradio.com/minesh-bhindi-lifestyle-investment-strategies-of-the-super-wealthy/.

For more information about us, please visit http://www.goldforlife.com

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