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Motorized Bicyclist Cited In Crash... Are These Bikes Legal?

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A bicyclist has been charged, after an accident Tuesday on Erie's east side.
It involved a motorized bicycle.
And following this accident, we wanted to know if are those bikes legal.

You can often see them zipping all around town.
Bicycles, with a motor attached, usually rigged with a lawnmower motor of sorts.

They get the bicyclists around pretty quickly, and most of the time they're not bothersome. But, when they're not obeying traffic laws, they can be dangerous.

Tuesday morning, for example, according to Erie police a motorized bicycle rider was going the wrong way on a one-way street, when he blew through the intersection, and was hit by a car.
That bicyclist was treated and released from the hospital, and has been cited with going the wrong way, on a one way street.

Erie Police Lt. Stan Green says they're seeing more and more of these motorized bicycles. They are legal, but those bicyclists have to follow the rules of the road, "You have to be obeying the traffic laws," said Lt. Green. "You have to go in the same direction as vehicles, you have to ride on the proper side of the roadway, stop at stop signs, stop at red lights," Lt. Green added.

Under the law, the motorized bicycles fall under the description of a moped, and therefore they have to follow specific laws, "He or she is required to have a Class C drivers license," said Lt. Green. "They're also required to have the vehicle registered as a moped, with a moped license plate, and they're also required to have insurance on the vehicle," Lt. Green added.
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