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Speed it Up !!!

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    I love the game of baseball ever since I played in Little League, Babe Ruth and High School.  Lately, however, it has been painful to watch baseball on TV as the games drag on for over three hours and sometimes longer !!!  What's nice about the World Cup going on, you pretty much know it's gonna end about in two hours give or take a few minutes.  But in baseball...the pitchers takes his time, the hitters constantly step out of the box..so much dead time in baseball it drives me crazy !!!  I've heard all the hardcore fans talk about the stories within the game, how the pitcher is handling the batter, the set up of the infield and the little games being played between managers.  I get it, like I said, I played for decades but now don't have the patience to sit through three hours of long counts and foul balls and pitching changes and half hour half innings. I don't have an answer how to speed it up....maybe expand the strike zone to get hitters to swing at pitches more often...I don't know...but I do know it is not an appealing game to a lot of youth who don't have the attention span to watch something for four hours.  I love baseball, like I said...but it's just not the same right now at the major league level. 
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