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Soccer in the USA Growing

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   The reaction around the country to the USA's win over Ghana in the World Cup on Monday was amazing.  Crowds gathered in bars and parks watching in unison and erupting in joy as the Americans won was outstanding !!  There are signs that the sport of soccer is growing and becoming more popular now than ever in the States.  In a recent poll, soccer has equal popularity among youth ages 12-17 with baseball and this past year, attendance at pro soccer matches outdrew those of the NBA and NHL.   The World Cup is such a global event and involves just one sport as opposed to the Olympics that feature many and while there is national pride at the Olympics, different countries excel at different sports but soccer is the one sport that is played all over the world, by all age groups and by both boys and girls. It is the common denominator of global sports.  And don't forget, the USA Women won the World Cup in 1999. Obviously, the USA still has a long way to go to be equal to countries like Brazil and Germany but it may not be as far away as you may think.

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