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Waterford Supervisors Approve Agreement for KLN Snack Plant

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Waterford Township supervisors approved an agreement in a two-to-one vote that takes a snack manufacturing plant one step closer to being fully operational.

The company, KLN Family Brands, is opening up shop at the old Troyer Farms and plans to add hundreds of jobs to the community. But it needs a one-mile extension of public sewer and water lines to be fully functional. The developer's agreement focuses on those plans.

The supervisors' vote also comes after pressure from county government to approve the agreement.

"This is obviously a great opportunity. We need to make sure that Erie County is open for business and you have a place in that tonight by signing this developer's agreement. My request is that you do so," said County Executive Kathy Dhalkemper, as she addressed the supervisors during their Wednesday meeting.

The motion passed, without supervisor Flory Kondzielski's vote.

"Tonight, we're pleased," said Brian Garlick, general manager at KLN Family Brands. "It was a critical step for KLN to embed itself in Waterford and be a part of the community," he said.

KLN submitted a project plan in January for the water and sewer extension, a bill that the company will foot.

However, disagreements between the borough's and the township's water authorities delayed the process, driving KLN to release a letter earlier on Wednesday that used the words "disappointed and frustrated" to describe their sentiment after the long wait.

"It's been unfortunate that those little things have held up the entire project when the ultimate goal is to get KLN up and running at full capacity as as soon as possible," said Ed DiMatteo, Erie County councilman. "It really could have delayed things and been a huge, huge detriment."

The next step KLN  needs to move forward is for the Waterford Township Sewer Authority to vote in favor of the developer's agreement. The board will make that decision at their Thursday meeting. 

"We've had a lot of challenges on the way, but our future expansion plans can once again come alive if we can just finish this process out," Garlick said.

If the sewer authority's vote clears, KLN plans to employ 125 people by October. Without it, their plans to operate at full capacity could be delayed for as long as another year.

The company expects the Pennsylvania DEP to approve a short-term well water plan to adhere to their plans for a July operations launch while the water and sewer expansion plan is ironed out.

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