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WICU's Mike Ruzzi Inducted in PA Sports Hall of Fame

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Tuesday night marks the 28th annual Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame scholarship and induction ceremony, where WICU's own anchor Mike Ruzzi was honored for his years of sports reporting.

"It's pretty overwhelming. It's been a humbling experience, but you never expect anything like this," Mike said.
He's currently WICU's evening anchor, but has reported sports for the station since 1984.

"There are some media (inductees) but Mike is the first one ever from the television media to be inducted, said Joe Mattis, vice president of the Hall of Fame. "He's done such an outstanding job, it's wonderful he can be recognized for that."

Though Mike has talked sports on TV for 30 years, family members say sports broadcasting has been in his life much longer.

"When he was a young boy, they would be playing in the back yard and then you'd see Mike off to the side, with something in his hand doing the play-by-play," said Jean Ruzzi, Mike's mom.

Mike says the people he's met while covering sports have taught him life lessons..

"This young lady that's blind had major surgery the day before, has all these disabilities," Mike said in a speech to the audience. "She got my number and called me to ask me how I was doing. That's what you remember about Erie people and covering sports. I have never forgotten her message," he said. "It's better to give, than to receive."

And now he is also passing on his love for sports to his niece and godson. 

"He's there with me every weekend in the basement, playing hockey with me. So he's put me in the right direction with that," said Nick Ruzzi, his godson.

With his family from Pittsburgh and Ohio at the Zem Zem Club in Erie for the ceremony, Mike says it makes receiving the honor extra special.

"That's what makes tonight, that they're able to come up here, especially my mom. She just turned 85 years old. She's a fantastic person and a big part of my life," Mike said.

Of course, his mom couldn't be more proud.

"I'm proud and happy for him. He's worked hard at this, and he certainly deserves it," Jean said.

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