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Where will Lebron Land ???

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       Now that Lebron James has indicated he will opt out of his contract with the Heat, the speculation grows where he will eventually sign. Could he really end up back with the Cavs as some believe so especially playing with a guard like Kyrie Irving and the number one pick of the recent draft.   How about the speculation that he wants to play with Carmelo Anthony, who also is a free agent.  If Carmelo stayed with the Knicks it would be two superstars in the superstar city of the NBA, New York.  Carmelo is a scorer, a one-on-one player while LeBron can play both ends of the floor and is a great passer too.  I don't think it's a good mix and don't believe Lebron would work well with him.   Other names mentioned include the Clippers, the Lakers and the Bulls.  Even the 76ers are rumored to have a shot at Lebron.  Despite being at the bottom for the last several years, it is an NBA franchise deep in history and tradition.  Finally, it would greatly surprise me if he went back to the Heat.  I think it's run it's course in South Beach.  Time will tell, but Lebron can only sit back, wait for the draft and make his move.  Hopefully it will be best for the NBA too.

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